Sticker Market Guidelines

Sticker Pack Guide

To submit a sticker package to mit messenger you need to provide:

1. An avatar.
2. A banner.
3. A preview.
4. The stickers themselves in three sizes for iOS and five sizes for Android.

Image files are in png format and 72 ppi.


The Banner will be placed at the header of your sticker pack in the Sticker Store.


The sticker pack avatar is placed on top of the sticker package as the “face” of the sticker collection.

It is visible in Sticker Store and aims to highlight the signature sticker of the package.


The sticker preview gives the chance to explore the entire package for the users to decide whether they want to add the package or not. When clicking on the “Avatar” a popup screen appears allowing the users to see what their chosen package includes. It creates the general impression of the package, so the order of the stickers matters a lot in this case.


When creating the package remember to align the style, the font and the colors of the stickers. We advise using 2-3 major colors and keeping all fonts consistent.

Sticker Size

When deciding the sizes of the sticker, remember to check how it will look on a real device. You can do that by inserting the sticker on a screen shot to test how it looks. Remember that mit messenger users can change the background color on their chats. So test it out with various background themes.

Once the stickers are ready, place them in the grid with your preferred order. Even if the sticker occupies only 1 cell of the grid, this sticker’s file size (that will be displayed inside the chat) should be as big as the ones that occupy several cells of the grid.

Preview Sticker Pack with Grid

Once all the stickers are ready, those should be placed inside the grid for the the preview of the full package.

The grid consists of blocks and each block includes 16 cells.

See below for the required file width and length. it also depends on the number of stickers. Blocks can be added, however, remember that the number of blocks should be an even number.

The given file width, length depends on the number of stickers.

Title: preview.png
Size: w = 800px

Sequence of Stickers

The names of the sticker files are saved in a specific order (for example, 2011_1000). The first digit (2011) is the package number.

The second number is the order of the stickers from left to right (1000, 1001, etc.).

*Please save the stickers in the correct sequence and in the same folders as in our example.


1. Sticker Pack Preview

Image dimensions

Title: preview.jpg Size (w):
mdpi - 320 px
hdpi - 480 px
xhdpi - 640 px
xxhdpi - 960 px
xxxhdpi - 1280 px
The background colour should be white.

2. Banner for Sticker Store

Image dimensions

Title: bucket_banner.png
mdpi - 360x112 px
hdpi - 540x168 px
xhdpi - 720x224 px
xxhdpi - 1080x336 px
xxxhdpi - 1440x448 px

3. Avatar and Icon

Image dimensions

Title: avatar.png
mdpi - 74x74 px
hdpi - 111x111 px
xhdpi - 148x148 px
xxhdpi - 223x223 px
xxxhdpi - 297x297 px

Title: icon.png
mdpi - 30x30 px
hdpi - 45x45 px
xhdpi - 60x60 px
xxhdpi - 90x90 px
xxxhdpi - 120x120 px


1. Sticker Pack Preview

Image dimensions

Title: bucket_whole.png
Size (w): 237 px

Title: bucket_whole@2x.png
Size (w): 474 px

Title: bucket_whole_ipad.png
Size (w): 465 px

Title: bucket_whole@3x.png
Size (w): 554 px

Title: bucket_whole_iphone6+@3x.png
Size (w): 800 px

Title: bucket_whole_ipad@2x.png
Size (w): 930 px

The background should be transparent.

2. Banner for Sticker Store (both Android and iOS)

Image dimensions

Title: bucket_banner.png
Size: 540x168 px

Title: bucket_banner@2x.png
Size: 640x200 px

Title: bucket_banner@2x.png
Size: 750x200 px

Title: bucket_banner@2x.png
Size: 1080x336 px

Title: bucket_banner@3x.png
Size: 1242x300 px

3. Avatar and Icon

Image dimensions

Title: avatar_small.png
Size: 45x45px

Title: avatar_small@2x.png
Size: 60x60px

Title: avatar_small@3x.png
Size: 90x90px

Title: bucket_icon.png
Size: 65x65px

Title: bucket_icon@2x.png
Size: 130x130px

Title: bucket_icon@3x.png
Size: 195x195px

Prohibited Stickers

Stickers that potentially offend public order and morality will be rejected. mit messenger reserves the right to reject any stickers or sticker packs that include offensive material.

Sticker creators must have copyright or license to use the imagery in all stickers submitted.

Stickers cannot include any form of advertisement, or product logos that do not belong to the sticker submitter

Tips for Great Selling Stickers

Provide a lot of variety, whilst sticking to the theme of your sticker pack. Use stickers that express daily activities, moods, and emotions.

Avoid stickers that are difficult to use in daily conversation, such as objects and scenery.

Avoid stickers that have poor visibility, such as pictures that are too long or full-length illustrations of tall characters.

Submit your stickers today!

For more information, and sticker submissions, you may contact our friendly sticker wrangler, Mark, at