mit messenger x Planbit: Install mit messenger and get free SECRET TOKENS!

mit messenger x Planbit: Token Giveaway Event

Install mit messenger and get free SECRET TOKENS!

Planbit token crypto giveaway event

Offer valid between:  09.12.2018 to 09.30.2018 (Tokens will be released on October 15th)


  • 1. Existing Planbit users: get 300 TOKENS as a reward for recommending mit messenger
  • 2. New users: get 1,000 TOKENS as a reward for installing and registering for mit messenger

How to get this reward:

  • 1. Create your SECRET E-Wallet after signing up in Planbit Exchange Market.

Planbit Exchange for Android: 

Planbit Exchange for iPhone & iPad:

Guide on how to set up a Planbit wallet:

  • 2. Install and sign-up to mit messenger. You will get your SECRET TOKENS as a reward after this event ends.

(No duplicate entries / The token is only for those who keep the app installed until the event ends)


Terms and Conditions

  • This event may be changed or discontinued at the discretion of the company without prior notice
  • Participants need to complete the sign up step to be able to receive SECRET TOKENS.
    (e.g. You need to create a wallet to be able to receive payment)
  • If you delete mit messenger, or cancel the membership before the end of event, you will be not eligible for any awards.
  • To check your registered wallet information please log in to the Planbit Exchange market and check your SECRET wallet.