Keep your chats 100% private with mit messenger pin lock.

Great news mit messenger fans. We’ve raised our privacy game by adding a new pin-lock feature to the app.

lock your smartphone from children

Without entering the pin, nobody will be able to access your mit messenger chats.

Pin-locking your mit messenger app is fantastic for:

– Locking your phone in an untrusted or unsafe environment.

– Keeping private chats with clients 100% confidential – even if you lose or misplace your phone.

– Protect your messages from thieves.

– Letting your children play with your phone; make sure they don’t accidentally dial your boss!

– Any any other situation you’d need to pin lock mit messenger – The world’s most secure and private messenger.


Give it a try and please let us know your feedback by leaving a review in Google Play or the App Store.

Stay safe, stay smart.
13th September, 2018
The mit messenger team

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